Pierson Marks

ux/ui designer. computer scientist.
venture capital & startup analyst.

Meet Pierson.

Hi, I’m Pierson. I’m a twenty-year-old computer science student at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Most of my day is spent behind a computer developing code, researching local startups, or learning anything I can. I’ve always loved technology and I quickly found limitless possibility by understanding the modern world we live in. I started to develop my first website in elementary school and spent my weekends designing logos, realistic models, and typography. Although I frequently took on projects requiring new skills, I learned that with time and passion, I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I have always liked making my time work for me. Although I enjoyed my first job as a part of our community’s little league maintenance crew, I found that I enjoyed working on freelance projects and web consulting more. I’ve since helped dozens of entrepreneurs and corporations with design creation and user experience testing.

I learned a lot by working for myself as a freelance consultant and designer, and I used those skills to found my first company my junior year of high school, Equilibrium Apparel. And since then I’ve delved into new entrepreneurial ventures that continue to test what I have yet to learn and give me a sense of the difficulty, and reward, of entrepreneurship.

Today, I am the former Chief Technology Officer and current Vice-President of one of the largest entrepreneurial clubs on UCLA’s campus. By training analysts in rigorous corporate and startup research, providing professional experience with firms and business-leaders such as Hulu, Clutter, Brad Feld, and others, and having a dedicated mentorship program, we give our members the necessary skills to succeed in a fast-paced work environment. We have created a body of talented engineering and business students devoted to inspiring startup culture within the campus and the Los Angeles area.

I’ve always been a hands-on, hard-working, and quality-driven individual and I look forward to the many adventures that the next few years has to bring.

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Fueled by an interest in early-stage startups, venture capital, and a desire for innovation, I'm passionate about knowledge and human interaction, committed to taking action towards my goals, and dedicated to working well as a team player.

Skill Expertise

With over a decade of experience in concentrations such as Computer Programming and Graphic Design/Modeling to Fundamental Startup Research and Entrepreneurial Ventures, I've been able to become proficient in a wide range of skills and have learned the only limitation to your ability is what you believe your limits are.


Adobe Photoshop & Abode Illustrator

Low-Level Assembly and Computer Organization

Due—Diligence Reports


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Phone: (714) 600-3210